StartseiteSportwochen ● Special Offer for Groups and Scouts at Lake Mattsee in Salzburg

Special Offer for Groups and Scouts at Lake Mattsee in Salzburg

The sailing and surfing school Mattsee is delighted to welcome our scouts to our premises. Especially for you we have put together a program consisting of sailing, surfing and canoe excursions.

Our goal is to introduce you to these wonderful watersports within a short time period in order for you to enjoy the power of nature in a peaceful, tranquil setting.

Pathfindergroups can book sailing- and surfingcourses on a daily basis. The children will enjoy their time spent with friends and they will learn from accredited, experienced sail and surfing instructors the basics of sailing and surfing.

Steiner Nautics sports offer for scouts

SAILING and/or SURFING and/or CANOEING (1 day)
Date Monday-Sunday (preferably Thursday),  from May to October
Time from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4pm
(other times please inquire)
Duration 5 hours
Price / Person € 55,-

Send inquiry!

SPECIAL: Should 10 people or more register for a sailing or surfing lesson respectively, the group leader can participate FREE OF CHARGE!

Further information

Structure of the courses

Instructions take place in 2 segments:

a) 9 am - 12 pm
b) 2 pm – 5 pm

We would be happy to accomodate your time request according to your preferences!

You can change the courses! Depending on the request of the scouts group you either participate in the same instruction for 6 hours or you also could choose to change after your morning course to a different course in the afternoon for three hours (only the entire group!)

  • E.g. Three hours of sailing in the morning and three hours of surfing in the afternoon

Course Materials

Both of our sail boats and the surfboards are available to our scouts. Furthermore Steiner Nautics also offers life vests, wet suits, neopren booties and foul weather sailing gear to its guests.

What do I need to bring to the surfing course?

  • swimwear
  • towels
  • suncream

What do I need to bring to the sailing course?

  • swimwear
  • towels
  • suncream
  • clothes to change
  • rain gear

How large are the sailing and surfing groups?

Steiner Nautic will provide at least one instructor for every ten scouts!

This way we can provide our scouts the necessary training while still having fun with mother nature and the elements!

What happens if scouts already have visited sailing or surfing courses?

Then it is possible to rent sail boats (type KZV) in addition to several types of surf boards for a fee. Please make sure to also check out our boat rental counter to explore our beautiful, pristine Trumer Lakes via our row-, paddle- or electric boats.

The pathfinder camp Zellhof

The 1.5 km distance to and from the pathfinder camp can easily be conquered by foot or by bicycle!

Further information: Scout-camp “Zellhof”

Map of Lake Mattsee and way from the scout-camp to the sailing school

Segel- und Surfmaterial steht bei Steiner Nautic in ausreichender Menge und Qualität allen PfadfinderInnen zur Verfügung © Steiner Nautic
Bis zu drei Personen können auf einem Zugvogel Segeln! © Steiner Nautic
Auch bei Regenwetter macht das Segeln am Mattsee Spaß, da alle Jugendlichen perfekt mit Ölzeug und Rettungswesten ausgerüstet sind! © Steiner Nautic
Die Pfadfinder können sich zwischen 2 Sportkursen im Segeln oder Surfen bzw. Kanu-Fahren entscheiden © Steiner Nautic
Der Spaß am Surfen steht bei den Kinder-Surfkursen von Steiner Nautic an erster Stelle © Steiner Nautic
Steiner Nautic veranstaltet 1 Mal im Jahr SurflehrerInnen-Kurse, um Sie für den Unterricht vorzubereiten © Steiner Nautic
Steiner Nautiuc kümmert sich um die Vorbereitung Ihrer Sportwoche! © Steiner Nautic
Segeln lernen in der Segelschule Mattsee © Steiner Nautic
StartseiteSportwochen ● Special Offer for Groups and Scouts at Lake Mattsee in Salzburg